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Episode #6 – Life of an interracial couple

Life of an Interracial Couple One of the things I have always loved about the internet is the ability to connect with people you probably would have never met....

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Episode #5 Pulse Nightclub survivor Shae

Shae is an inspirational human being I will never forget about the day I heard about the shooting at Pulse Night Club. The loss of forty-nine lives that night...

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Episode #4 My Most Intense Episode Yet With Grace Ellis

A conversation with Grace Ellis This podcast was one of my first ones that I ever did. I held off on posting it because the story was a whirlwind....

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Episode #3 – The I Don’t Care Sexuality with Megan Lenius

Episode #3 – The I Don’t Care Sexuality with Megan Lenius One of my favorite creators on Twitch is Megan Lenius. More than just an amazing singer, she is...

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Episode #2 : Antphrodite – Celebrity Psychic

A conversation with Antphrodite the Celebrity Psychic Antphrodite is a perfect example of someone who knows exactly who they are and stuck to their guns no matter how many...

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Episode #1 Overcoming Controlling people and being mindful w/ Shesnaps

A Conversation with SheSnaps One of my favorite parts about doing this podcast is learning how someone got to where they are. I always feel much closer to the...

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