Episode #2 : Antphrodite – Celebrity Psychic

Antphrodite Unfiltered Friends
Antphrodite Unfiltered Friends

A conversation with Antphrodite the Celebrity Psychic

Antphrodite is a perfect example of someone who knows exactly who they are and stuck to their guns no matter how many people said they should stuff. He pioneered the tarot card/psychic reading industry on twitch and has continued to flourish.

He was so fascinating to speak to that even after three hours of speaking live, we talked for another two hours. We spoke about what we felt for our future and no more than two weeks later a lot of that conversation was manifested for Antphrodite.

He had done a reading about the drama going on with James Charles with 100% accuracy a month before it happened. Since then he has enjoyed all the validation that he has deserved as well as a huge increase in viewership which is well deserved.

The biggest lesson to be learned from this is the reason he is capitalizing on this is because he was ready. His website was ready to go. His skills had been honed over two years of streaming. Most importantly he believed in his brand and who he is.

I can’t think of anyone else on the platform most deserving of this success and I am excited to see where this goes for him. Make sure you check out his stream here. Hope you enjoy this interview as much as I do!

Watch the interview here!

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