Episode #1 Overcoming Controlling people and being mindful w/ Shesnaps

A Conversation with SheSnaps

One of my favorite parts about doing this podcast is learning how someone got to where they are. I always feel much closer to the person Interview after we are done, and this interview was no exception!

Going into SheSnaps stream you always get a positive vibe and a smile. She has built her community in a way that makes you always feel welcome. You would have no idea that at one point her stream was an escape from her reality at home.

Overcoming a controlling relationship and working in a male dominated field she rose to the occasion. She found self love, romantic love, and became a leader for the many people who watch her.

This interview went into overtime and that is how you know it is a good one. Check it out and make sure to rate and subscribe if you enjoy it!

One comment on “Episode #1 Overcoming Controlling people and being mindful w/ Shesnaps

  1. Tonee Rhian Rose says:

    This was really good! I hope it helps bring more ppl to the stream!

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