Episode #7 – How my content saved dax’s life

Dax looking Handsome – Unfiltered Friends Podcast

How my content saved Dax’s Life

The term “Influencer” is thrown around a lot nowadays. A lot of the time it doesn’t have the best association because many of the popular influencers do crazy things for attention. I have always taken term Influencer to be more of an action than a title. One of the greatest examples on how important it is to send positive messages out there is Dax’s story.

Dax is someone who has lived a mostly blessed life. He had a partner of many years, beautiful condo, and a great paying job. For some reason he felt no pleasure in life regardless of all of this and the guilt drove him to want to take his own life.

Dax’s suicide attempt had been planned down to the smallest detail. While doing some last minute research right before Dax was supposed to end his life, he came across one of my videos. That video changed the course of his next actions and him being alive is one of my greatest achievements.

Hope you all enjoy how eloquent and funny Dax is on Unfiltered Friends. Please remember there are always people out there for you to speak to if you need it. Please make the effort to check in on those around you. You never know what might be going on behind their eyes.

One comment on “Episode #7 – How my content saved dax’s life

  1. Tonee Rhian Rose says:

    Wow that’s amazing! 😲 That’s how I found you too was that 1 of your vids (the 1 about some French guy using your vids to catfish some girl) was in the recommended section. I almost didn’t click on it too cause at the time I was just using YT to look up MVs & I think random cartoon clips among other things. I wasn’t into listening to random ppl talking about things that happened to them in their daily lives (I’m still not into that stuff really; you’re the only YouTuber I watch that’s like that. Mostly I watch MVs, animal clips, TV/Movie clips, anime clips, Top 10s, trivia, BTS, & mysteries about murders & paranormal stuff). So I’m glad I clicked your vid (& that I liked it) otherwise we might not be friends & I couldn’t imagine my life w/o you! 💙

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